Marginalized in Mind  Freelancer 

We have you in mind too.

We are not only a trust that caters to consulting brands and studios on hiring new, trendsetting photographers.
We are also a business building service for photo freelancers.

Photo by Marlen Stahlhuth

With us, you’ll acquire new skills, confidence, and perspective in just 6 months.

︎︎︎ Specialized Newsletters  featuring gig and grant opportunities based on interest, genre, & location

︎︎︎ Promotion Strategy  including pitch preparation, client simulations, & direction

︎︎︎ Portfolio Edits  with archive deep dives, portfolio
reviews, retouching guidance & case studies


Did we mention the sliding scale?

In efforts to counter exploitation in the industry, we operate on a sliding scale set by you.
Our monthly service is designed to be a dirt cheap, yet rich experience.


We have a planner on the way – made with photo creatives in mind.

 *Coming in 2024* 

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