Marginalized in Mind is a full service photography advisory that stands for equity and community in the photo world. We work with forward-thinking studios and brands that want to break the mold in terms of hiring practices.

We offer our partners the chance to work with trendsetting talent at below market-value rates. Our extended network of up-and-coming freelancers are selected from our associations with The Wall Street Journal, Diversify Photo, Queer Design Club, Trunk Archive, and various arts colleges & organizations.

Our services include on-call creative direction, editorial, talent scouting, contract negotiation and mediation. We assist with ad campaigns, marketing materials, social media content, and branding.

Founder ChayaSHY-yuh” Howell is a Brooklyn native who has appeared on network-oriented panels & reviews hosted by AIGA's New York chapter, Black Women Photographers, and Instagram.


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